All Change Please


A Phrase heard by almost every one who has spent time in London and has been a commuter. The Words doesnt disturb if heard at the end of Destination, BUT when heard during the travel while the Bus or Tubes change their Destination due to Some reason causes immense disturbance. It is Human Nature we all do not want to move from the WAYS we are accustomed to. Unwanted or Uncalled for Changes to the routine causes annoyance. BUT its necessary and most of the times not in our control.

The World is gripped by a massive force, that is driving changes in everything whether tangible or intangible. Talking about the business world, Both the Individuals and Organisations have seen immense transformation. New Ways are utilised from Recruitment to the retention of staff whereas Organisation are moving from local to global markets. The Question is not about "Why Change" it is about "How" and "What" to Change. Knowing What to change could only be answered through Learning, Learning keeps both individuals and Organisations abreast with latest trends, issues, business routines. Now the Questions is How HR could facilitate Change in the Organisation.

Human Resource (HR) plays a key role in making Change happen. If HR understands it duty and is focused on Development and creation of a better workplace, Staff would be Nurtured and groomed to accept change as beneficial not only for them but for the Organisation as well. It is on the Human Resource Department to create value for Learning within the Organisation that stimulates the need for change in the Organisation, as Learning new knowledge is a catalyst for change.

In Order to do it, HR Department shall take it from the Beginning, when the Employee Joins the Organisation, creating Stories of Success, Creating Culture of Learning and Information sharing, Linking Employee development to enhancement of Skill Base, Asking employee for Personal Development Plans, Facilitating Staff for Career Development. All this could help in ownership of change, as now the worker would WANT to change, since he/she would now understand the importance of Change.

Human Resource can make an Impact in Change through the Following Means

  1. Involvement at the initial stage in the Selection process through Induction Trainings.
  2. Nurturing Skills available in organisation, Identifying any skills gaps and bridging the gaps through training.
  3. Linking Personal Objective with broader strategic Goals by providing necessary means to the Employee .
  4. Communicating the Benefits and Affects of Change in one function of the Organisation on another function.
  5. Involve the Stakeholders, and Make then take Ownership in the Process by Telling them "What is in it for them".
  6. Understand stakeholder concerns and deal with them.
  7. Help staff cope with change, performance management and motivation through continuous support and engagement.

These are a few of the ways through which Human Resource Management could make the Change Happen and make everyone inthe organisation buy in the change.