Report Writing

Report Writing

Types of Monitoring and Evaluation Studies

Different types of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) studies are conducted at various stages of a project to gather specific information and assess different aspects of the project's performance. Here's an explanation of each type of M&E study:

Reporting Matrix - Sample Format

Verbal presentation, backed up by summarized document, using appropriate tables, charts, visuals and audio –visuals. This is particularly important if the organization or project is contemplating a major change that will impact on beneficiaries.


Types of Monitoring Reports

There are various types of monitoring reports that can be prepared depending on the purpose, scope, and audience. Here are some common types of monitoring reports:

Progress Monitoring Report:

This report tracks the progress of a project, program, or initiative over a specific period. It assesses the completion of tasks, milestones achieved, and overall progress towards the desired goals and objectives.

Qualities and Characteristics of Good Reports

A lot of reports are written daily. Some of them are intended to document the progress of some activities, feasibility reports, investigation reports, some of the reports are for monitoring purposes, some are evaluation reports but it is clear that all the reports have some objective and purpose behind it. That objective and purpose can only be achieved if a report has the following qualities and characteristics:

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