Building Human Resource Potential

Building Potential of Employees

Managing Human Resources is everyone's job. The blood that flows through every organisation is people. They are the one's who are entrusted with the responsibility of taking the organisation forward, by fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to them. They are required to be motivated and committed to their job, perform tasks with efficiency and effectiveness, show positive behavious at work, respect other and the organisational norms and a million more requirements are made onto the people who work for the organisation.

The dilemma is that organization sometimes fails to recognize their duty towards its human resource. In order for the business to create a win-win situation they need to understand that you cannot clap with on hand.  Its a mutual process, where one has to give some to get some. Organisations that understand this concept and start valuing its people and know that competitive advantage comes from the people, and start building a human resource that is rare, valuable to business, unimitable and unsubstitutable will thrive, and reap far reaching benefits.

Now the question is how do we build the human resource? Its definitely not easy and does require great deal of thinking, analysis, and patience as it is a time consuming job. Building onto the current level of skills, capabilities require investment into the human capital, enhancing the organisational capability is the first step. Strengths of the busines in terms of its reach to resources have to be increased. Once that is done, focus could be diverted to the people. Organization would have to do a skill audit of the people, match that to the business requirement and then make necessary plans that would help in adoption of skillset. Managers and customer feedback is of high value in understanding the skill sourc eto be imparted, as these are the two sources of information in direct relation to the quality and service provided by the employees.