How Managers become Leaders


Leader's Responsibility

Those in position have the utmost responsibility to perform and make others perform, it is to be understood that with power comes responsibility, and those who make the best use of responsibility and understand the fact that it is due on them to make best possible use of this authority will have potent chances of success. Now it is well understood that Managers have the responsibility to get the best out of the people who work under them, understand their talents, skillset, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours and then make then work in a way that is fruitful to the business.

A Managers is not the one who is focused on his performance, but is worried about performance levels of his subordinates, as this is the ultimate gauge of performance measurement. Arguably, getting the best out of people is both an art and a science, art because people are different, they work in different environment, they come diverse cultures, thay have varied beliefs, their work attitudes and behaviours are different, their language, skills, all are different, and this requires managers to consider them different entitites and deal accordingly, but there are tried and tested tools and techniques that would facilitate in getting the best out of people, policies and practices couldbe in placed that would make the people aware of what is required of them, and under the umbrella of those techniques people could be dealt with accordingly.

Role of Managers

It is off importance to understand that Managers in business world of today has to work as a mentor, guide and facilitator in nurturing the individual, he has to work as a multiplier who is not only focused on what skills employee has but also on what he/she is lacking and how could the dormant skills be developed and brought into use. Operational Level and Middle Level Management shall now be transformed into breeding grounds for future leaders, where businesses shall provide a culture of leadership making, one where people learn about what is right and what are the right approaches to do things, a place where knowledge and its sharing prevails, one where people interact with eachother and share opinions and thoughts, an environment where respect for others is a must, Managers and leaders are made, its the responsibility of the organisation to understand that they need to provide a right mix of reousrces and culture.

Creating a Better Organizational Culture

Altough difficult but effort shall be towards a culture where no one is seen as a threat, where effort is paid off, where equality is a norm, an environment where replacements are always ready with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes. All this could only be done by making the people beleive in their abilities and making them know that by teaching and guiding others their worth wont decrease, and they would still be a valued part of the business. and finally it should always be understood that in order for the business organisation to prosper its never you vs me, or Manager Vs Leader, its about transformation, of a Subordinate into a Manager, a Manager into a leader, it about working together to achieve common goals, its about getting there together.