Psychology and Human Resource Management

Psychology and Human Resource Management

People are different and show different behaviors that are triggered by values, beliefs, and attitudes they have. Psychology is the study of peoples behavior and mental processes. It is about developing an understanding of behaviors that are acceptable and those which are unacceptable, it is about elucidating why people show a certain behavior, and what triggers those actions, understanding the stimulus that reinforces and cuts down a particular behavior. Once we understand and are able to explain the behavior we can be in a better position to predict human behaviors.

This will thus put the managers/leaders in better position to control human actions, shape them for the benefit of the business or society. Moving to human resource management, hr is not simply what is thought of hr departments, it transcends the boundaries of mere management functions linked to hr, it not just about control, plan, and organizing, it is about developing resources, making them more valuable, it is about building capabilities, it is about relations and respect at work, it is catalyzing the achievement of strategic business objectives, it is much more than mere book keeping or recording employee transactions and operations with organization, it about helping business visualizing what business should be like in future. One thing that is central to all of the above concepts is people, people are the greatest asset, if utilized in proper way they can yield great benefits and if underutilized or miss managed they can be serious threat to the business.

There is a definite need for the businesses to understand that people are different and shall be dealt with differently, they come from different backgrounds, have different upbringing, share different beliefs, and importantly have varied cultural orientation. Thus they will behave differently to different kinds of stimuli, behaviors will always be subjective and will vary across individuals, businesses who wants to tap into and  get best out of people will have to understand the above notions. Managers will have to be emotionally intelligent, develop understanding of situations and people and formulate strategies accordingly. Businesses with such level of intelligence, will always be in forefront and will lead in the market, they will have low turnover, high work morale, low work stress, better network, high respect, prevalence of job satisfaction and thus business will thrive.