Terms & Conditions for Probation


Probation Rules and Regulations

  1. All permanent employees will be required to complete three/six months and contractual staff will be required the probation period as per contract unless waived by the CEO at the time of issuing a contract. This can, if necessary, be extended by the management of the organization for another period.
  2. During the probationary period, the appointment may be terminated with one week notice by either side, unless specified differently in contract.
  3. Permanent staff on probation will not be entitled to annual leave.
  4. All leaves allowed will be on prorated basis of joining date of the organization. Exceeding the prescribed limits will result as leave without pay.
  5. The organization encourages the employee to discuss and agree with his/her Line manager to set targets and deliverables for first 90 days and the set criteria will result in the employee’s confirmation.
  6. On satisfactory completion of probation, and on recommendation of the Line Manager, a letter confirming the appointment will be issued.
  7. Employee on fixed term contract if converted to permanent employee is not required to serve a probationary period of three months unless specified by the HOD.
  8. However the period served at project or field offices should be a minimum of three month, and the line manager should have the achievement results of assignments/targets given to him/her for evaluation purposes.