Role of Employees in Success of the Organization

Employee, what will you bring to the Party

A tricky question but yet often asked at most of the Interviews..... as an "Employee, what will you bring to the Party" or in simple term how would you take the organization forward, well i think employer never needs to ask this question, if one has the CV of the potential employee then have a loot at it and see for yourself if he has been committed and striving for his own development then surely he is going to bring allot to the party and businesses can count on it.

Now a days with CPD (Continuing Professional Development) could serve as a vital evidence of people who are willing to strive, one doesn't need to be employed to do CPD, anybody could do it, so it sorts of takes away the burden on new graduates failing to find a job, they can still work on their CPD and then tell the Employer look i was just waiting for the opportunity .. i have been doing my homework and i can hit the ground running.