Structure and System in Organisations

Organisational Structures have always been debated, various organisation try different structures, what works for one may not work for the other, Organisational Structure is not an exclusive phenomenon, its inclusive, and various other issues like Organisational Culture, Management Styles, Type of Organisation, Product/Services produced has alot to deal with what type of structure organisation adopts. Changing world has brought to the Management a situation where they have to answer this inevitable question of which structure to choose.

The reason i wanted to talk about structure today is that we have organisation who are  up and running, facing same problems over and over again, and are not focusing on the root of the problem but rather are trying to look for solutions that not really appeal to the problem. Staff Retention is a major issue in two of the organisation where i have worked. one is an NGO whereas other is a University. both are different as chalk and cheese but experience the same problem, and i to best of my knowledge see the root of the problem being same. Both failing to have Proper Organisational Structure.

First lets have a look at the NGO, Well people are mostly very happy there, the boss is very flexible, timings are not much of a problem, just make sure one does his work in time, its been managed by One person, who calls all the shots, But there is this issue of staff retention, most of the people i have talked to would definitely leave the organisation if they are offered any other job. Now what i have assessed is that the problem is lack of proper Organisation Structure, where levels are properly defined, Systems are properly followed, Policies and Procedure are developed and maintained, People feel that they are doing too much of work, but are been paid less since there is no proper system, too much of the flexibility is taking its toll on the staff, lack of definition of jobs, failure to develop and implement system within the departments is having its effects on the organisation.

Talking about the System, in simple terms the system that is mostly demanded in the organisation is proper reward and compensation system, timing and description of duties. Having these system gives alot of intrinsic satisfaction to the employee.
Now moving onto the University, its facing alot of retention issues, Mostly Lecturer runaway as soon as they find any other job. one of the reasons here is the lack of flexibility on the part of the management, flexibility of timings, lack of powers in teachers hands to make decisions, although system are inplaced but there is almost no flexibility what so ever, now teachers join them and then leave within 3 - 4 years, they fail to recognise that they are grooming lectuers and are loosing on the assets.

We have talked about 2 different organisations, one too flexible with almost no system, one rigid with proper system but no flexibility. this brings us to the conclusion that too much of everything is bad, Businesses have to strike a mix, there is no one best way to achieve prosperity, use all means and phenomenons as in the way that brings progress to the organisation and satisfaction to its employees.