What is Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management, is all what that breathes life into the organization. The Better quipped the personnel the efficient the business. Here we describe the need for HR department in the Organization, and try to answer some basic misconception about HR.

Well lets break it down; Resource Management is all about utilizing the available objects/materials whether tangible or intangible in a way that it help produce effective and efficient results, so just add HUMAN to it and this of them as a resource. In anutshell it would mean utilizing HUMAN effectively and efficiently so that they produce the best of results that drives the Organization forward. HR offers a more strategical role, it not just about people working 9 to 5 for the Organization, its about linking them to the business interests, how could they be used to add more value to the business, linking personal objective to the business objective and helping create a unity of focus, it about creating an organization where people belong.

Its Just like asking WHY do we need a Doctor; but sorry to say the Question is Asked when it come to FINANCIAL returns ........ they do ask "What is the Return on Investment".

Just as we need specialists to do every task within the organization, don't we need specialist to deal with the people who are doing those tasks. We need people who understand how should people work, what jobs should they perform, how should they perform their jobs, what shall be done if they are not performing well, how could we improve the job, how can we make them more productive, how can we utilize our HUMAN Resource more strategically, how can we create an organization where people actually belong and love to come and work, where they treat it as their own organization, how do we create change that is from the people and by the people, how do we create a culture within the organization where their is effectiveness of communication, openness, innovation, creativity, learning from mistakes. These are just a few questions which HR helps an Organization to answer.

In my opinion "What cannot be Measured is hard to Evaluate". HR results are not tangible as sales figures, change in people perception of workplace cannot be gauged, How much has one learned from training and how much one is applying at workplace are still DEMONS which HR is trying to get hold off. Its something that is intangible be yet very evident. Results are produced .. changes do take place, value is created, beliefs at workplace are changed by HR initiatives but this doesn't happen at once. It takes time and all this when done could easily be seen in Organizations performance but all this takes steadfastness of both the employees and employer.