Procurement Management

Aggregative Vs Dissagregative Procurement

Aggregative Procurement Steps

Aggregative and disaggregative procurement are two approaches to the acquisition of goods and services within the context of supply chain management. These approaches differ in how they structure procurement activities and the level of detail at which procurement decisions are made. Let's explore each approach in more detail:

Centralized Vs Decentralized Procurement

Advantages of centralized and Decentralized procurement

Centralized and decentralized procurement are two contrasting approaches to organizing and managing the procurement function within an organization. These approaches differ in terms of decision-making authority, coordination, and control over procurement activities. Let's delve into each approach:

Principles and Philosophies of Procurement Management

Procurement Management Principles

In procurement management, economy and efficiency may be identified as: Whether the planning has been appropriate and procurement has been executed as planned;

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