Business Management

Business Management

Ingredients of an HR Strategy

Components of HR Strategy

For Instance the business strategy is to "Accelerate product/service launch by strengthening Research and Development team". The HR business strategy must be in line with the strategies of the business organization, Understanding the business strategy, that highlights the ultimate business objective and the means to do it, HR strategies shall be formulated keeping in view the aforementioned business strategy.

Importance of Good Organisational Structure

A well-designed organizational structure facilitates effective communication and collaboration among employees. Clear reporting lines and defined roles promote efficient information flow, coordination of tasks, and teamwork. It reduces confusion and ambiguity, allowing employees to work together towards shared objectives and minimizing duplication of efforts.

Fundamentals of Corporate Strategy


Strategy, in simple terms refers to the plan one has to achieve his/her objective, its about how we would get "there", its futuristic and with the aim of attaining defined goals in the future. In other words, Strategy is the approach selected to achieve defined goals in the future.


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