Role of HR Representative in Internal Interviews

  1. Inform promotion criteria to all panel members before start of interview i.e. weightage of performance evaluation, test marks and interview.

  2. Show the skill set required in the candidate to all members of the interview panel.

  3. Intimate positive and negative points of employee to the members based on facts i.e. attendance, appreciation, explanation/warning issued, information about any inquiry etc.

  4. Availability of employee’s personal file to panelists is mandatory.

  5. Overall interview administration i.e. intimation the employee and panelist atleast 3 days in advance of interview unless the interview is conducted on urgent basis like an FTP (Fast-Track Promotion) or transfer interview, reservation of suitable room for interview, ensuring interview is started in time etc.

  6. Asking 4-5 questions related to company policies which are more relevant to the employee like medical, leave, provident fund, over time, allowances, different awards etc. However promotion decision is not based on these questions. This part is not necessary in transfer interviews.

  7. Getting employee feedback at the end of the interview about employee motivation, morale or any issues etc. Again this part is for providing feedback only and promotion/transfer decision is not based on it.

  8. Proper filing/preparation of promotion sheet and completing related documents before start of interview.

  9. Keep a deep eye on the interview process as neutral observer and report his finding to Senior Manager HR regarding any favoritism/biased or casual attitude of members.