Why do We Evaluate Projects?

Project Evaluation has the following purposes:

  1. To assess effectiveness as well as efficiency of program delivery in response to particular needs of various groups which benefit from it;
  2. To serve as a venue for reflection; to gain insights and understanding from project experiences so as to be able to conceptualize experiences within the context of one’s specific direction or work experience;
  3. To acquire a realistic and valid basis for inferences and decisions necessary for the programming of future action and/or recommendations;
  4. lt keep supporters/donors up to date on the status of the project. Usually, interest does not end when funds have been transferred to the proponent. Hopefully, it is the beginning. As project evaluators, this gives us the opportunity to know what has happened to the project. Relevant information and findings will be shared with the Funding Agency/project supporters;
  5. To provide information which will assist the donors and other local coordinating groups in formulating policies and guidelines relevant to the project’s area of operations.
  6. To identify and describe the lessons learned and challenges faced