Write a Concept Note for M&E Study


About the project

Give a brief introduction of the area/project that has led to this Monitoring and Evaluation study. Be brief but cover all the important and relevant points.

Purpose of the study

Objectives of the Study:

State explicitly why are you going to conduct this study? What are your goals? What expectations do you have? What will be the benefit of this study?

Scope of the study:

In this section define the scope and limitations of the study. Describe the aspects that you would be covering and those you would not. This will keep the audience concentrated on the work that you intend to do.



There are more than one methods to conduct M&E studies. The three methods used in conducting M&E studies are:

  1. Quantitave Study
  2. Qualitative Study
  3. Mix-Method (including both Quantitative & Qualitative Study)

As there can be more than one methods of conducting study so here in this section in the concept note, it should be stated clearly which method are you going to use in the study. This is because every different method has its scope, limitations and implications.


What is sampling

Types of sampling

Decide on who will be the respondents

Find out the population size of each respondent group

How to calculate sampling size

Tools development


Area identification (Universe)

Data collection tools

Data management

Time line

The Gantt Chart Approach