How to Conduct a Focused Group Discussion


Following are the guidelines for conducting a focused group discussion:

Introduce Yourself

Introduce Your Organisation

Explain Objectives of the Assignment

Build Confidence and Trust

Start by Informal Talk

The persons of the community should be the informed members of the community, so that they could discuss the issues of the community in detail.

Avoid Direct Personal Questions

Use Discussion Pointers

Avoid asking questions, rather use discussion pointers. Ask Open Ended Questions

Don't Interrupt and Listen with Patience

Don't Reject Others Opinion

Be Thankful and Humble

To conduct the most effective focus groups, researchers explore their subject via:

  • Exploration and inductive analysis
  • Suspension of beliefs or judgment
  • Willingness to hear ideas that may contradict assumptions
  • Understanding group opinions are not generalized to entire population (Note: this is not to say overlaps and consistent findings do not occur; on the contrary, despite region, gender, race, income, and other demographics, similarities will emerge, as will differences)