Centralized Vs Decentralized Procurement

Advantages of centralized and Decentralized procurement

Advantages and Disadvantages of Centralized and Decentralized Procurement procedures

Principles and Philosophies of Procurement Management

Procurement Management Principles

In procurement management, economy and efficiency may be identified as: Whether the planning has been appropriate and procurement has been executed as planned;

Best Practices in Procurement

Best Practices of Procurement
  • Conduct annual procurement planning that includes both office and program equipment, supplies and services.
  • Link procurement planning to budget and work planning processes.
  • Follow established written procurement procedures. (FAR/AIDAR)
  • Provide for open competition to the extent possible.
  • Obtain quotations, review quotations against established criteria, use evaluation committees and justify vendor  selection.
    • Ensure adequate segregation of duties – prepare/review/authorize

USAID Procurement Procedures

USAID Procurement Procedures

Definition, Policy Requirements, Best Practices of USAID Project Recipient's in Procurement, USAID's Thresholds and USAID Procurement Documentation Needs


Bid Selection Methods

Bid Selection Methods

Bid Selection Methods - Open Bidding, Direct & Restricted Bidding Selection

How to Prepare a list of Pre-Qualified Suppliers for Procurement

Pre-Qualified Supplier/Service Provider Lists consist of companies which have undergone prior assessment and are consequently deemed suitable to work with organization. Prospective suppliers / service providers to organization should undergo a prior assessment to ascertain their suitability to engage in commercial relationships with the organisation.


Steps for Invitation to tender

1. Preparation Meeting
A tender evaluation committee must be established by the Chief Executive prior to the tender preparation meeting. The committee should consist of an odd number of participants, ideally a minimum of three and a suggested composition of the committee could be as follows;
1. Logistics Manager or equivalent
2. Technical Representative (specifically related to the items being procured)
3. Finance Department Representative

Guidelines for "Invitation to Tender"

Invitation to Tender

An Invitation to Tender can be defined as a process whereby any supplier can openly submit a tender/bid/quotation after the publication of a tender notice. Such a process can be locally or internationally focused. Before beginning a tender process, donor rules and regulations should be assessed to ensure that organization’s guidelines as listed below are consistent with those of the donor agency.


How to Perform the Post Quotation Clarification?

Post Quotation Clarification

Clarification on specific information contained within quotations can often be necessary before a Purchase Committee can make its ultimate recommendation on which quotation offers the best value for money while remaining appropriate from a technical perspective. When such a necessity arises, it is important that the process of attaining clarification is fully transparent. Clarification can typically address issues such as;


Responsibilities & Working of Purchase Committee

Purchase Committee

A Purchase Committee is a group of designated staff established for independent review and evaluation of purchasing documentation whose main role is to recommend the most appropriate supplier or service provider based on price, quality, stock availability, references etc.

How to Perform Quotation Evaluation?

All information pertaining to quotations must be treated as highly confidential and must not under any circumstances be disclosed to other bidders. Prior to evaluating quotations, the evaluation criteria should be agreed ie, price, minimum delivery timeframe, acceptable payment terms etc.


What is the Procuedure for Request for Quotation?

A Request for Quotation Procedure can be defined as a process whereby a minimum of 3 written quotations are collected from relevant suppliers. If the supplies requested are between Rs 15,000 to Rs 99,999 then open quotes are acceptable. However of the supplies requested are between 100,000 to 999,000 in that case only sealed quotes would be acceptable.

What is a Single Quotation?

What is Single Quotation

A Single Quotation procedure can be defined as a process whereby one written quotation is collected which is deemed competitive for the material or service being procured. Quotations must always be received in writing either on suppliers headed paper or on organizational Request for Quotation (RFQ) form. An RFQ form should be used in circumstances when suppliers cannot or are unwilling to provide written quotations.

What to Consider BEFORE making Procurement Plan

Procurement Considerations

Prior to the development of the procurement plan, there are a number of questions which need to be asked, some of which are as follows;

Grant Application Guidelines

Foundation For the Future Grant Application Guidelines

1. General information about the Grants Program

The overarching goal of the Foundation for the Future is to support democratic reforms and empower citizens by strengthening the capacity of local civil society organizations (CSOs) throughout the Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA)1. The Grants Program is one of the tools and mechanisms that the Foundation can offer for civil society to engage in the promotion of democratic transformation, respect and protection of human rights and achievement of the rule of law. Generally, proposals should promote the development of effective mechanisms for citizens’ participation by strengthening and engaging civil society with a focus on one of the following programmatic priority areas:



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